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History of the Conference!

This is the 40th year that the formerly named Singles in Sobriety and now Miracles at
Lake Murray A.A. conference has been held on the same weekend following the Labor
Day holiday.

The first conference was held at Lake Texoma Lodge in 1984, where a group of us
thought it would be fun to put together a conference, centered on not just speakers and
meetings, which was the norm at the time, but an A.A. weekend of outdoor activities,
games, laughter and fellowship.

Obviously, a need was met, as the conference was a great success, with over 300
people in attendance. Everyone remarked they loved the concept of the conference and
could hardly wait to return next year. Those of us that initiated the idea of the
conference were thrilled as we were able to pay the bills, donate to A.A. General
Service and still have seed money left for the following year.

In 1986, the conference was moved to Lake Murray, we stayed here for 24 years, only
leaving when the facility got so run down we had to provide the speakers with a plunger
to keep from being flooded out of their rooms.

The conference then moved to Lake Texoma for 6 years, which, being a hotel setting,
caused us to lose the outdoor usage of our original concept, along with a number of our

We were so grateful to be able to move the conference back to Lake Murray in 2016,
even though the facility’s rebuild was not yet completed, we were thrilled to be back

We are so fortunate to have retained the original beginnings of the conference, which
combines this beautiful outdoor setting, a wonderful property, recovery at it’s best, and
we are all looking forward to another 39 years, with the help of everyone in attendance.